Worship is just one of the many things we offer as a ministry at BHCC! We strive for excellence and try to lead people to the foot of the cross, giving God the glory in every moment. Our worship style is contemporary, but we play music for all ages and try to incorporate as many styles as we can.

Our worship team

The marvelous individuals you see on stage at Bunker Hill are all volunteers with one purpose in mind, to bring you to the foot of the cross on a weekly basis. Worship means time spent in the presence of God, and our goal is to bring you there. We know that some weeks that can be harder than others. Sometimes all we can do is help you take a step. Thats the goal of this team. To bring you as close as we can to the face of god each week.

Want to join?

Or worship team is always looking for new members. Email us if you would like to try out for the worship team. Be sure to include if you sing, play instruments, or would like to help out with the tech side of things (Sound Team, Light Team, Slide Team, etc.)