We want your kids to be raised  knowing the kingdom of the most high. From Kids Kastle and Sunday School, to VBS and other big events. We exist to help your kids get into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kids Kastle

We want your kids to have a great time at church too, so each Sunday we have a group of talented people who give up their Sundays to pour into your kids. This service is a lot like the adult service. There will be worship, communion, offering, and an age appropriate lesson. 

There is also a Preschool Kids Kastle that takes place each Sunday. It has all of the things that K-5 has, but its geared for an even younger audience. 

Other Events

At BHCC, some special events take place just for your children (VBS, Fall Fest, Eggstravaganza, etc.) Other events take place just for you, and you need someone else to take those children. Kids Kingdom at BHCC is committed to being sure everyone at church can hear what they need to hear, have a great time doing it, and learn something too! We have child care at nearly every adult event at BHCC so that you can learn without distraction, and your kids can learn something applicable to their age and maturity.