Pastor Bill is a former cop, turned corporate CEO, turned Christian Church pastor. He has bachelors degrees in Criminal Justice and Economics, but has never been to Bible College. His tremendous knowledge and command of the scriptures has all been self taught.

Bill is a gifted Bible teacher with a talent for applying the Word of God to everyday life. His past experiences in law enforcement, the corporate business world and extensive travels, have all given his teaching a very practical and relatable style. 

Pastor Bill has been married to his wife Love for 42 years. They have three sons; Andy of Ocala Florida, and Billy and Stevie who now live in Heaven. 

Worship ministry director

Tom doebler

Tom is in charge of all things worship and music here at Bunker Hill. He works tirelessly to be sure that each service is as worshipful and distraction free as possible. Any given Sunday you may see tom playing piano, drums, auxiliary percussion stuff, singing, or enjoying worship from the crowd. 

CHurch Secretary

Suzy Calloway

Suzy is our marvelous secretary at BHCC. She is married to Jay Calloway.  If you have ever called or emailed the church, you have probably talked to her. She says working at BHCC is her job and her hobby, because she likes it so much.