Media Team

At BHCC, our media team exists to be excellent in all things media related. They strive for excellence when it comes to the small details and visual aspects of the service. They also aim to create continuity and excellence, therefore minimizing distractions during services. At BHCC we want everyone who comes into our service to be fully focused on God, not thinking about the screen or the stage.

The Media Team also creates marketing materials for community events, as well as in-house documents, slides, and promos. Our team also creates sermon logos and other branding material. At BHCC, we make every effort to enhance the congregation's Sunday morning worship experience by putting you in a place where you can be ready to learn. The Media Team assists with this goal by designing a stage that is fit for the lesson we are working through.

Want to Help out?

Do you have design skills and want to help with logo design, creation, and all of the publications at BHCC? Or are you more of a physical artist hoping to help with stage design? Well then just let out Media Team know! They are a talented group of artists who would love to meet with anyone else who loves design and loves making our services as great and God-focused as possible here at BHCC.