We are officially returning to Church! We are going to be taking ample steps to keep everyone safe. As 2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” No matter what we know we have a hope that only comes in a relationship with Jesus. We pray you have that hope and can lean on Him.  

As we strive to stay healthy and wash our hands, let’s also not neglect the practice of washing one another’s feet. We have friends and neighbors who will need us, the church, to love and serve them. Let’s keep a closer eye and make sure loving and serving our neighbors is a priority in our lives. If you have a need the church can help with during this time, shoot us a message HERE and we will do our best to serve you.

Preschool Kids Castle Reopening

Dear Mom’s and Dad’s and Kids,


          Last Sunday we successfully reopened Kids Kastle for our elementary children in a safe and socially distanced environment.  This Sunday we will do the same for our preschool children.

          Dennis & Gina Genglebach have purchased hula-hoops, lap desks and crafts so our little ones can stay safe and socially distanced.  The hula-hoops (with lights) provide a lot of fun and a safe zone for our kids.  A Bible story, especially for them, will be taught.

          We will see you Sunday morning at 10:am in your place here on The Hill.  Remember, the danger in missing church, is that soon, you won’t miss it anymore.


Excited about the future,

Pastor Bill


Hey Moms, Dads, and Kid’s Kastle Kids,

        Great News! This coming Sunday, July 12th, we will be resuming Kid’s Kastle on The Hill.  Kindergarten through 5th grade will meet in the Worship Center for the 10:00 am service with their parents, then after communion they will go with Miss Love and Brad to Kid’s Kastle in the other building.

        Social distancing practices will be observed and our kids will be safe.  Be there Sunday for the fun and a message especially for you.


Praying for you all,

Pastor Bill

COVID-19 Update 6-12-2020

Dear Church Family,


The day has finally arrived! On Sunday, June 21st, we will regather on top of The Hill for our corporate worship service! For 13 weeks we’ve been gathering online on Sunday mornings. And I praise God that we have the technology available to do that. And I also thank you for your patience, flexibility and willingness to adjust to this crazy, yet frighteningly real Covid-19 pandemic.

As you know, from the beginning our utmost concern has been our church family’s health and safety. That will never change. That is why we will strictly adhere to the CDC guidelines for gatherings of 25 people or more. Let’s just admit it and put it on the table. Nobody likes wearing a mask! If you say you do, you will lie about other things. But out of protection of our own health, and out of respect and sincere concern for the health and safety of every single member of our church family, we will ALL wear masks on Sunday mornings. I think Andrew Lewellen summed it up best at our leadership meeting the other night. He said, “I don’t like wearing a mask.  In fact, I don’t go in stores that require you to wear one. But I would gladly wear one if it means we can meet together for church again.”

On Sunday the 21st, we will meet at our regular time at 10:00 am. Chairs will have been removed to help allow for our social distancing of six feet. Families can sit close together because you’ve been quarantined together at home. The Elders will be present to help with seating and distancing. Also we will utilize the space in our 100 seat balcony. If, on that first Sunday, we find that with the crowds we cannot safely social distance ourselves, we will go to two services the following Sunday.

When you enter the sanctuary, the door will be opened for you. Just inside the entrances, there will be sealed communion (a cup and wafer of bread) for you to pick up before going to your seat. Offering trays will also be placed at both doors for you to drop your offering into when you enter or exit the sanctuary. CDC guidelines say no handshakes, no hugging, no touching and a social distance of six feet must be kept between us. Plus, masks will be worn at all times while in the building. Anyone being baptized will be given a Haz-Mat suit before going into the dressing room.  LIGHTEN UP! I’m just kidding about that one!

This is going to be our crazy, new normal for a while. There will still be a message on the website and on Facebook to watch every Sunday morning at 10:00 am. So if you are a high risk individual for the coronavirus, please stay home and continue watching online. If you have any of the Covid-19 symptoms such as fever, cough or respiratory problems – please stay home and get tested for the virus.

Love and I can’t wait to see you all in person! It’s been way too long. You guys are incredible! Thank you for your patience and understanding. The Lord Jesus Christ is the most important person in all of our lives. And it’s time to get back together and worship Him. See you (literally) on Sunday the 21st!



In His Grip,

Bill and Love


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